The holidays have come and gone and we are now into a new year. has had a memorable year attending numerous train shows, some traditional and some less so.

The show circuit has picked up again after a rather dry spell. attended Union Station to begin last year and ended the year at Oneida County Historical Society with stops in Mohawk, Ilion, Schuyler, Little Falls, Fonda, Clayton, Syracuse, Fulton, Amsterdam, and Rochester along the way. This averages out to around one show per month and keeps club members on their toes. This year looks to be another busy one as the Union Station show again begins the show circuit for .

The various shows yet to come will fill ’s schedule and the trains will be running non-stop throughout the year. Hopefully, some of the newer innovations, such as the one-trak interface module, will be placed in commission to add to the excitement of train operations on the club’s layouts. This newer aspect of t-trak modules has added a new dimension to the shows as now there is a purpose for the trains other than running in the proverbial circle forever. John has been at the forefront of this new activity and has been displaying his skills at operations on the different layouts assembled at each show. Running a train from the main line out on to the one-trak extension, John brings freight to the industries, picks up returning cars, and delivers them back to the yard for further dispatching. All this activity keeps both John and the public busy and interested.

The automation of the new one-trak interface module will make these operations a little easier and more reliable. Other future plans call for some new throttles and other animated items to peak the interests of observers. Meanwhile, Greg has industriously increased the size and scope of the HO modules used in the club displays. His ambition and dedication have resulted in many new modules that add to the ever popular HO scale division of . Because of his perseverance and hard work, Greg was deservedly chosen as the recipient of the James A. Williams Service Person of the Year Award.

is always watching for new members who are interested in any scale to join in the fun and support the club’s endeavors at displaying trains for the public and providing educational opportunities for the public. Become a part of ’s ongoing activities and join us at the shows in your area.