he Easter bunny came early this year so Easter is now over. While the holiday has come and gone, FUNTRAK’s construction phase carries on. As mention on
page one, two projects for the n scale t-trak portion of
FUNTRAK’s modular railroad
systems are in the works, John’s
triple mine module and the
mountain tunnel double. These
two projects have lead to much
discussion within the FUNTRAK
ranks about some new concepts.
In Australia, Mark Bean is
actively working on implementing
some of these newer ideas in his
module construction plans.
FUNTRAK would need to build some
new mountain modules to
accommodate these fresh ideas,
but that is a very good
possibility for the future.
FUNTRAK has notably been in the
forefront of incorporating new
ideas into the t-trak concept.
Some of the ideas proposed
include developing an interface
that goes under the mountain
line to the inside of the layout
from the yellow line and
eventually works its way up to
the mountain line via a two
percent incline. All this is
being designed to be inside the
traditional loop. One of the
drawbacks is that the mountain
corners would need to be
separate so modules could be
inserted between them to make
room for the track work inside
the layout. This might mean
using banquet tables side by
side as well as lengthwise, but
this still only makes a layout
five feet wide. The advantage to
this is that this would provide
a means of servicing industries
in the mountain region of the
layout and provide more reasons
for operations on the layout.