‘s primary purpose is to share our model railroading hobby interests with others. We are a modular style Railroad Club open to all scales, and are active throughout the Northeast Region of the U.S. at various model train shows, civic activities, and community functions. We enjoy the benefits of working together to promote the model railroad hobby, and invite you to join us, no matter what scale your interests lie. We are here to have FUN at !


was started by Brian King in 1992 in Frankfort, New York. It was a little over a year before the club had any modules built that were to be displayed in public. However, after the first module was constructed and displayed, things really began to happen.

The first “official” club setup was at club member Clayt Farrall’s house in May 1994. This was a small ten by eighteen layout that was a proverbial “plywood forest.” In less than two months scenery was added to the modules and additional modules were constructed.

held its first public show at Mohawk Valley Community College in July 23-24, 1994 in one of the conference rooms. This was a small ten by twenty-two foot layout that fit between the pillars in the huge conference room at the college. This is why the posts are in the picture. The layout was “wrapped” around the support posts. It wasn’t a very large layout at this point, just 10 x 22, and not completely scenicked. However, it did run well and the public was pleased. Strangely enough, it was also one of the best attended shows we had with nearly 300 visitors! Go figure. Subsequent years saw the layout expand with more modules and new members. Other scales were added to the club roster as new interests and layouts were added. All of the original club members are in the one photo: Jim Williams, Gerry Vallese, Clayt Farrall, Brian King. Also in the picture, Paul Migliaccio and Jeffrey King. All in all, not bad for beginnings.

currently has enough modules to now fill the entire conference room. Some of the highlights of club activities since its beginnings include:

  • The N-Trak layout has expanded to several scale miles long
  • The T-Trak modules continue to grow in quantity and detail
  • DCC (digital command control) is used along with conventional power at our shows
  • The age range of members spans eight decades, from eight to eighty years
  • Participation is international with many Canadians supporting our shows
  • Visitors from Virginia, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and other states are common at our shows
  • The monthly newsletter, Times!, is in volume nineteen.

The future looks very bright for and we hope to attract many new members. Our Valley Rail Sights theme has been very popular with the public and we expect to model many more of the sights in the Mohawk Valley. If this sounds like something you would enjoy being a part of, consider joining .