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Another Successful Valley Rail Sights!


‘s 2015 “Valley Rail Sights” show came off again this year without any problems. Layouts in N scale, HO scale, Z scale, and Lionel mesmerized the visitors to this highly anticipated train show. Everyone has a great time at this show because of the laid back nature and ease of access to seeing everything. The “little folks” in the most formative years from a few months to teenagers are the most
delighted. Finally, trains at a level they can actually see! This makes parents happy too, since they don’t have to pick up the little one and can better keep an eye on their actions. All the layouts were in one room this year which made it nicer for exhibitors and attendees alike. New modules and different designs held the public’s interest at this show thanks to the versatility of the T-trak concept which allows for such
diversity. Make sure to check the calendar and come out for s next show where a different and newer layout will be presented.

See you there!

Having fun at 2015 Valley Rail Sights

The Magic Doughnut

club member Tim Brien chows down as other club members set up the t-trak layout for the show.

Get to work!

It’s always great to enjoy the company of club members while being productive.





Matt’s Empire

Model railroading is nothing if not a group effort! Our newest club member, Matthew de Jongh, has been diligently working on a t-trak module that can be brought along and set up at train shows as well as continuing the construction of his home layout. Club members John Fleming and Brian King recently visited Matthew to assist him in his endeavors. Together they were able to build some of the framework for Matthew’s future empire and have a good time while getting this work accomplished.



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