Crossing Loop

Here is FUNTRAK club member Lorenzo Franchi preparing FUNTRAK’s newest addition, a crossing loop, for its initial run. Next is the train traversing the loop as designed. This arrangement makes for very interesting operations as the train can only be a certain length so as to not cause accidents!

From the Desk: October 2013

Diversity! A grand concept in many different realms. So how does diversity apply to model railroading? No two layouts are alike. This keeps the observers interest high. Since no two layouts are alike, operations, scenery, motive power, and consists are all different. More diversity. How does this apply to model railroad clubs? has incorporated diversity by having multiple scales, multiple styles of layouts from N-trak to modular G and Lionel, to T-trak in N scale as well as HO. Club members represent a cross section of society, so many different ideas and concepts are presented in numerous ways. All this diversity keeps model railroading exciting for participants and viewers alike. Diversity forces new ideas and solutions to new and old problems. It also contributes to keeping those involved actively thinking about better ways to do things, new ways to build supporting equipment and modules, as well as involving fellow enthusiasts.

Currently, is in the process of developing an automatic reverse loop, making larger radius corners, updating and maintaining scenery on many modules, constructing new modules in both N and HO scales, as well as attending various shows, all at the same time. The model railroad season is upon us and we are getting ready to jump right into the middle of it. Check out pictures posted from ’s most recent endeavors, below.

Brian was MIA for this show. Fortunately, John and Lorenzo were able to attend and provide planty of excitement and trains for the public to enjoy. Brian was MIA for this show. Fortunately, John and Lorenzo were able to attend and provide planty of excitement and trains for the public to enjoy.[/caption]The Fonda Fair has become an annual staple for along with the Clayton Thousand Islands show. Both of these shows have contributed significantly to ’s exposure to the public and drawn much interest over the years. Work sessions are becoming more common to add to ’s growing collection of model railroad equipment and modules. All of these activities add to the diversity of the club and allow for many different ways to enjoy the hobby. Whether you like to build things, run trains, railfan, or just armchair model, has something diverse for everyone.

Come to the shows or a work session and see just how much fun you can truly have when you get busy in model railroading. ’s next event is our annual dinner at the Family Fun Center in Mohawk. We anticipate having a small N scale layout with, hopefully, some of the newly completed modules to exhibit and test before some of the upcoming major events. This should include the one-trak tee along with the reverse loop and possibly the new wider corners. Other items include the smaller corners that John Fleming recently scenicked. Some combination of modules will undoubtedly arrive at the dinner and present an interesting problem for all the FUNTRAK members to work on solving. This how diversity manages to maintain a high level of involvement and interest in the model railroad world. If you find this intriguing, come see us at one of the many model railroad shows. See you there!


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