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Construction Season


members Lorenzo Franchi and Jim Domser contemplate the new one-trak modules under construction. These new modules will add variety and some different concepts to the ever expanding t-trak modular system. This will allow for linear layouts and make the inevitable circle unnecessary if so desired. Of course, the one-trak tee will also allow the one-trak concept to be tied into the regular t-trak layout making all kinds of new innovative designs possible.

Monthly March Meeting


managed to get in its monthly meeting at the Family Fun Center at the end of the month. Inclement weather and a variety of other conflicts postponed the usual meeting, but all turned out well in the end. Club members set up the small layout above and discussed the numerous upcoming events.

From the Desk: March 2012

March is upon us and there is very little model railroad activity in the works. However, the future holds a lot of promise. The end of the month brings RailRun, an annual activity in the Boston area where many of the club members have had the good fortune to be participants in the past. A number of the local model railroad layouts are opened up to a select group of modelers for operating sessions over a weekend at the end of the month. This year, Brian, along with club members Lorenzo Franchi and John Fleming, as well as our Canadian neighbor David King, have been invited to attend this event. This experience tends to excite the participants and often leads to many ideas about operating personal model railroads including club layouts. This makes for much more interesting train running when there is actually a purpose for the trains other than to just go in a circle.

has attempted to incorporate this idea of operations into the T-trak displays. This has been a slow and arduous task, but progress is being made and hopefully will be more successful in the future. The RailRun experience should provide encouragement for club members to help develop more operational ideas to use in our club layouts when the opportunity arises. The idea of having a purpose has lead to the construction of specific modules that have particular industries on them to support railroad usage and encourage operations. With industry, schedules, and a purpose, it is easier to develop a plan for operations. DCC adds to the enjoyment of operations because this added feature allows trains to operate in a much more realistic fashion than having to accommodate conventional DC methods. It is more difficult to “block” a T-trak layout than to use DCC. The great advantage of T-trak is that no two setups ever have to be the same and the diversity of modules means operations will be ever changing to maintain more interest and challenge for operators.

With all of these things in mind, has managed to keep ahead of the power curve by planning ahead in the design of many of the T-trak modules, anticipating the inclusion of the modules in a layout design to accommodate operations using the features mentioned. These considerations have made ‘s layouts both interesting and fun for both operators and viewers. The annual “Valley Rail Sights” club show coming up in April should prove to more fun than ever this year if many of these operational ideas are included when setting up the T-trak layout. Come on out and see how the club does in this endeavor.


Next Club Meeting

has a scheduled meeting at Brian’s on March 18th. This meeting is in preparation for our upcoming annual show in April. Hopefully the weather will be a little warmer. We will be discussing the layouts, manning requirements, and necessary equipment for conducting the show. If you have any questions or suggestions, this is the time to bring them up. See you there.

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