2012 to 2013So as I sit here contemplating what to write for the new year, everyone is anxiously awaiting what is going to happen in the coming year financially and politically. Will these events affect ’s future and if so, how? Let me review what has transpired for over the past twelve months and see how it relates to what we can expect over the next twelve months.

Up first is the website. This has been ADDRESSED AND UPDATED OVER THE PAST YEAR. The website has been fairly well maintained and updated on a regular basis to keep folks apprised of what is happening with and the model railroading hobby. Thanks to our webmaster, Anna K.Amendolare, who shamelessly gives herself credit for these accomplishments. So much for the website.

Successes and failures over the last year have also been a part of ’s ongoing endeavors. Unfortunately, not every venue continues to be a success as was the case with the Chocolate Train Wreck show in Hamilton and the Christmas display at Preswick Glen. However, along with less than desirable results, we also had some successes in our involvement with other shows. Of particular interest this past year was Fisher Elementary School where displayed layouts on various occasions throughout the year and ’s involvement with the Genesee ‘N Ontario group and others at a giant T-trak display in Syracuse. These activities prove the viability of both and the T-trak concept. These shows also point to the decline in the presentation of full sized N-trak layouts as they become less popular and T-trak rises in popularity, mostly because of transportation issues. The compromise between available space for scenery and the ability to transport the modules is being won by the smaller T-trak modules. N-trak advantages are longer trains and more scenery, while T-trak has the advantage of easier setup and transportation. There is certainly room for both concepts, but currently, T-trak appears to be ahead in the popularity arena. To support this claim, recently finished a mountain division of the T-trak concept and is continuing to expand with more mountain modules on the way. Additionally, is now fully engaged in HO T-trak with our newer members carrying the responsibilities for this expansion.

Other ideas for the N scale T-trak are utilizing current modules in new and innovative ways to create such fascinating layouts as the double bubble and triple bubble concepts and modules being constructed to support the one-trak concept. In the HO realm, an inside corner is in the works as well as many new double modules. Most of these ideas were displayed at ’s most recent show at the Oneida County Historical Society with both HO and N scale layouts being displayed for the public. This was ’s largest HO layout so far and was well received by the community. Supplementing the HO, the N scale T-trak layout was the longest club only layout at over two and three quarters scale miles long on the red line. Not bad for a small club!

Finally, FUNTRAK wishes to welcome our newest member, Paul Boehlert into our midst. Hopefully, FUNTRAK can contribute to Paul’s interests and he in turn can help FUNTRAK move forward in its endeavors to promote the hobby. It should also be noted that our other new member this year, Greg Brockway, has contributed significantly to the club, especially with the HO T-trak modules. Greg’s efforts have greatly enhanced ’s image as well as its abilities to attract new members by increasing the field of scales being presented to the general public. FUNTRAK really does appreciate your efforts, Greg. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to a great new year, keep on training.