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T-Trak Progression

The photos at left illustrate the before and after of the t-trak modules has built over the past few years. These modules are a testament to the remarkable talent available from members in recreating a visual spectacle everyone can appreciate. Lorenzo comes up with some new and exciting ideas, John assists in scenicking the modules with his creative talents, and members reap the benefits of the public’s admiration for these terrific displays. The combination of innovation, creativity, and talent is a winning situation for and those fortunate enough to see these fabulous works of art.

Construction Season


members Lorenzo Franchi and Jim Domser contemplate the new one-trak modules under construction. These new modules will add variety and some different concepts to the ever expanding t-trak modular system. This will allow for linear layouts and make the inevitable circle unnecessary if so desired. Of course, the one-trak tee will also allow the one-trak concept to be tied into the regular t-trak layout making all kinds of new innovative designs possible.

From The Desk: July 2012

Inspiration and ambition. Two wonderful concepts that go hand in hand. has never had a lack of ambition when it comes to model railroading and inspiration can be found in numerous places. Fortunately for club members John Fleming, Clayt Farrall, Greg Brockway, and myself, Brian Curry was kind enough to allow them to visit his exquisite N scale home layout. This layout will provide inspiration to anyone who has even the slightest interest in model railroading. The level of detail is absolutely astounding. This is to be expected as Brian is a Master Model Railroader. His craftsmanship, skills, and ingenuity are evident everywhere you look on his railroad. No detail has been overlooked. The scenery is so
realistic you feel like you are actually a part of the scene rather than just an outside observer. With this kind of inspiration as a background, members are currently undertaking a new chapter in the club’s endeavors. With adept leadership from Greg Brockway, new HO T-trak modules are being constructed. This will enhance the club’s involvement in multiple scales and provide a new avenue for others to join in if they so desire. Pictures in the post below show some of the detail on Brian Curry’s remarkable railroad. You could spend hours viewing this railroad and still not see everything. As usual, Brian was a fabulous host and a most humble individual about his accomplishments. In recognition of some of his achievements, presented Brian with a basic T-trak module with the proviso that he bring it to the PicNik next month where will proudly incorporate it into a small T-trak layout. Everyone is anxiously awaiting this event and looking forward to seeing what Brian may do with the module.

Yours Truly, actually doing some real work.

Meanwhile, as shown in one of the pictures from the work session, yours truly is actually shown doing some real work. Lorenzo was also at the work session and took the picture. All in all, ten new HO modules were constructed during this session. On the 24th of July members will meet at Greg’s house to continue construction of the new modules and anticipate having them up and running for the PicNik next month. So much for inspiration and ambition. Now to see how the two come together in the final result of accomplishment and what the new modules actually look like! Until next time, keep training.

Results from our work session

Inspiration From A Master Model Railroader

FUNTRAK club member Clayt Farrall cheerfully presents Brian Curry with a T-Trak basic module

FUNTRAK was extremely pleased to give this module to Brian in recognition of his accomplishments and contributions to model railroading. Of course, there is a catch. With the upcoming annual Picnik, FUNTRAK will be setting up a small T-trak layout at the Picnik and expects Brian’s new module to be the star of the show. The August cover will tell the story. We’re all rooting for you Brian!

Brian Curry was kind enough to invite Funtrak members to visit his exquisite N scale home layout. This layout will provide inspiration to anyone who has even the slightest interest in model railroading. See his exquisitely detailed layout below.

From The Desk: June 2012

John and Greg work on Funtrak's new HO module

The unofficial summer has arrived! Memorial Day weekend has come and gone and members Greg Brockway, John Fleming, and I have begun a new chapter in ’s future. The HO division has been revived in the form of T-trak HO. The first of eight planned modules were constructed over the weekend, so there are now two corners awaiting track and electrical connections. Plans down the road include finishing two more corners and then building four straight modules. This will provide a minimal layout in HO of approximately four by eight feet. Club members are eager to support this new effort and look forward to the completion of the first layout. As usual, there are some minor issues that accompany any new endeavor. The first is transportation. Although HO is not really huge, it is considerably larger than the N scale modules used in T-trak. The larger size of these modules makes them more difficult to transport, but this is a problem that will eventually have a solution. Hopefully, it will be a simple solution!

Greg has volunteered to be the HO coordinator for the T-trak division and everyone in the club has promised to help him with whatever he may need to get things up and running. If you are interested in the HO side of the model railroad effort, get in touch with Greg or any club member and information, guidance, and help will be forthcoming.

In other news, Golden Spike Day, May 10, saw setting up an interesting layout back at Fisher Elementary School. Over four hundred “visitors” got to see ’s handiwork on Friday with more visitors on Saturday when the school hosted a PTA family fair. One of ’s newest members, Tim Brien, provided a beautifully scenicked Lionel layout for the students to enjoy alongside the T-trak layout. Both of these displays were big hits for everyone from toddlers to senior citizens. This was a great learning experience for the students as well as adults as the importance of railroading was acknowledged in America’s history, both past and present. The miniature world of model railroading provides a hands on experience as well as an academic challenges for all the participants. It is a great way to learn about a myriad of skills, information, and history for both student and teacher alike. If you want to try a new approach to having fun while learning a variety of new things for yourself, your children, and your friends, try model railroading. You won’t be disappointed!


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